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In 1955 as they had done in prior years, General Motors used what was termed a GM Motorama to showcase the new car models along with experimental cars, household appliances and engineering displays. 55motorama1_small.jpg (1877 bytes)
55motorama11_small.jpg (2719 bytes) The 1955 GM Motorama attracted 2,237,055 people in five cities
One of those experimental cars was a model that later on became the Chevrolet Nomad. 55motorama10_small.jpg (2019 bytes)
55motorama13_small.jpg (1788 bytes) As you can see from the photo the car started out as the Waldorf Nomad at the 1954 show.
Each car line of GM were displayed to show off the models they were releasing that year. 55motorama2_small.jpg (1832 bytes)
55motorama4_small.jpg (2235 bytes) As I stated earlier, GM used these shows to promote other product lines besides their automobiles.
GM produced these shows in a style that would make a Broadway producer envious. They built elaborate displays to promote their products. 55motorama3_small.jpg (2315 bytes)
55motorama12_small.jpg (1922 bytes) In this show they built a revolving display and showcased models on extended arms.
Even then they used special effects such as smoke that made the cars look like they were appearing out of a cloud. 55motorama5_small.jpg (2488 bytes)
55motorama8_small.jpg (2419 bytes) The public had an opportunity to preview all the lines GM had to offer and Chevrolet for 1955 was well received.
The 1955 Chevrolet Belair was GM's 50 millionth car produced. To celebrate this occasion it was decked out in special gold paint and trim. 55motorama7_small.jpg (1805 bytes)
55motorama9_small.jpg (1698 bytes) There were many celebrities on hand for the Motoramas including Bob Hope and Dinah Shore, who later hosted a show sponsored by Chevrolet.
As soon as the show was over in one city, they packed up the displays and caravans them to the next city. The caravans were like moving billboards for GM. 55motorama6_small.jpg (1900 bytes)

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Here's an example of an ad that GM rad in various magazines to promote interest in the Motoramas.

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