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The 1955 Chevrolets were released with on October 29th, 1954. The dealerships were decorated with banners promoting the big event. 55dealer3_small.jpg (2069 bytes)
55dealer4_small.jpg (2100 bytes) The car was touted with terms such as "Motoramic" and the "All New" Chevrolet.
The dealers placed their best product on the showroom floor. Each salesman was armed with sales aids like the "fingertips facts books" ready to strike a deal. 55dealer1_small.jpg (2038 bytes)
55dealer2_small.jpg (1887 bytes) Did you notice the items that decorated the showroom walls. Look at the larger views to see more detail.
Once you decided on the model you wanted it was time to talk price... how would you like to buy a showroom new 1955 Chevrolet Belair convertible today for $2,305. 55dealer5_small.jpg (1914 bytes)
cover_small.gif (1936 bytes) If the dealer didn't have the car you wanted on their lot, you could special order it from the factory by making selections from the "Dealer Album".
Or they might have sent you a flyer such as this one to the right to get you to visit them. This one had a contest tied to it. Click on thumbnail to see full brochure. 55mile1_small.jpg (2446 bytes)
showrm1_small.jpg (2521 bytes) Here's a couple examples of what the dealerships looked like during this period.


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