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In 1953 Chevrolet's lineup consisted of three models: Special 150, Deluxe 210 and top of the line Belair series. Gone were the fastback models of previous years such as the Fleetline and Styleline. Power steering was introduced as an available option for $178. extra. This was a year of restyling for Chevrolet from the '52 models. The changes were well received by the car buying public. By the end of the model year 1,300,000 Chevrolets were produced.

The '53s offered the "Powerglide" automatic transmission option on the Deluxe 210 and Belair series. This option came with a special version of the Blue Flame 6 cylinder engine boasting 115 hp vs. the standard 108 hp model.

If any styling feature stands out for 1953, it was Chevy's introduction of wrap-around windshields on all it's models. The wrap-around rear windshield was also available on all models except the Special 150 models.

The 1954 Chevrolet model year saw basically the same body styles with minor design revisions and small technical improvements. A new grille and heavier bumpers were introduced giving the '54s a more aggressive look about them. The Blue Flame 6 cylinder engine saw some improvements such as a higher lift camshaft and aluminum pistons replacing the cast iron ones used previously. The horsepower was also increased from 115 to 125 hp on the Powerglide equipped models.

I've combined these two model years in this section and will try to identify significant differences where they occur. I hope you enjoy your look at the cars that the April 1954 issue of Motor Life magazine called "a stimulating car to drive".

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