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While the 1955 Chevrolet was a completely redesigned model when compared to the 1954, the 1956 models had comparatively minor differences from the 1955. But these differences in styling gave the 1956 Chevrolet a distinctive look of its own. The '56 grille was redesigned and made lower and broader. The parking lights were made more rectangular. The chrome wrapped around the fenders and extended to the wheel wells.

The chrome side trim was dramatically changed in 1956. You can view the changes in the photo above. Two chrome strips were used.  On the front fender, the strips came together into a very sharp point near the headlight. The upper chrome piece went straight back about two-thirds of the car, then curved upwards to the belt line clip. The lower piece was extended all the way to the rear. As it widened slightly, it curved down towards the top of the rear bumper. The space between these two chrome pieces was often painted a contrasting color that matched the rear deck.

At the rear of the '56, new tail lights were designed. The gas door was relocated from the rear quarter panel of the '55 to behind the left tail light assembly. This design was similar to that used on the early 1950s Cadillacs.

One of the largest improvements for 1956 was in the area of performance. While the Blue-Flame 6 cylinder motor was standard, its horsepower was increased to 140. The 265 cu. in. Turbo Fire V8 that was introduced a year earlier now sported 205 hp when mated with the four-barrel carb and dual-exhaust.

I hope this overview wets your appetite to explore this section to learn more about the 1956 Chevrolet.

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