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1957 Chevy - A certified hot1.gif (3497 bytes) one!

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The 1957 model year saw may changes for the Chevrolet. The front end sported a new grille and bumper. This new look of very fine criss-cross grillwork was available with a gold anodized finish - an option that drew a lot of attention at the time. The newly redesigned headlight assemblies contained air intakes that supplied fresh air to the car's interior.

The chrome side trim once again distinguished the cars three models. The '57 One-Fifty model sported a simple trim similar to the '55 Belair on the rear quarters. The  '57 Two-Ten model had a single chrome strip which ran horizontally almost the whole length of the car. It was similar to the '56 Two-Ten. This same strip was on the '57 Belair, in addition there was a second chrome strip that ran along  the rear quarter. these two strip formed a triangle that was filled with a bright metal sheet decorated with many horizontal grooves or ribs.

The rear fenders had very prominent horizontal fins. these were kept level to the belt line, but extended rearward at the top. The new half moon tail light housings were located just above the newly designed rear bumper. the fins were wrapped with a chrome strip and the gas door was hidden behind a door in that chrome on the left fin.

The choice of engines for 1957 were the 140 hp. six cylinder, the 265 cu. in. 162 hp. V8 and a new model.....the 283 cu. in. V8. This engine was rated at 185 hp. with a single 2-barrel carb. This hp. jumped to 220 with a single 4-barrel carb. and 245 hp. with dual 4-barrel carbs.

But Chevrolet's most exciting news for 1957 had to be its introduction of the fuel injected 283 V8. They offered two versions that year, a 250 hp. model and a 283 hp. model. With the introduction of the latter, Chevrolet promoted the engine as

"For the first time in automobile history---One hp. for every cubic inch"

To learn more about this exciting car, explore this section and see what we have to offer.

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