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Car companies spend millions of dollars each year advertising new car models, and we as consumers rarely question who designs the cars that appeal to our individual style. While the style of a car may be just as important to us as how the car runs, automobile manufacturers did not begin to pay attention to car designs until the 1920s. In 1927, GM decided to hire designer Harley Earl to displace Ford's influence in the automotive world. Harley Earl loved sports cars, and returning GI's after World War II were bring home MGs, Jaguars, and the like.. Earl convinced GM that they needed to build a sports car. The result was the 1953 Corvette.

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In this section of ChevyClassics we'll be providing you with some of the background and romance Americans enjoy with the Corvette, America's Sports Car. This overview will touch on the highlights of the period from 1953 through 1964. It is not meant to be the authority on this subject as their are many excellent sites on the web dedicated exclusively to this subject. We'll try to enlighten and entertain you as we take a look at a classic that we felt deserved its own section.

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