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You may use the 6 preset buttons on this radio to listen to live Real Audio broadcasts of Oldies radio stations on the internet. You'll need Real Player 5.0 to listen to these stations. If you don't have the player, you can get a free copy by clicking on the button below. After installing the player you can minimize it and listen to oldies while surfing this site or beyond.

Get your getplay.gif (7891 bytes) by clicking here

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Click on preset buttons to select your station

List of available Oldies stations on radio
1. WYCL 107.3   Pensacola, FL        2. KOFX 92.3            El Paso, TX 3. WWKL 99.3   Harrisburg, PA
4. WSNI 107.1 Tallahassee, FL 5. KEWL 95.1     Texarkana, TX 6. WOGT 107.9 Chattanooga, TN

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If you'd like an alternative to oldies music you can find other cyber radio options here:

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