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By 1957 the Nomad's fate was pretty much decided. with poor sales performance in the 1955 and 1956 model years, the Nomad was just too expensive to produce. Production for the 1957 model year dropped to only 6,534 units.

On the brighter side the Nomad for 1957 was still a great looking car. The facelift for '57 saw more standardization of the body and interior features. the distinctive roofline was still present as were the tailgate vertical strips. But very little else distinguished what the Chevrolet ads touted as "Behold the Beauty Queen of all Station Wagons".   Below you can see an example of the clean sporty lines that the 1957 Nomad offered.

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Below is an example of the interior of the '57 Nomad for you to view.

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While the name "Nomad" continued on station wagons in Chevrolet's lineup until 1961, it was used on a  line of basic four-door wagons. The name surfaced again in 1968 on the Chevelle model where it remained until 1972.

This writer and I'm sure that a lot of you will agree that the Nomad really didn't find it's market until years later when collectors discovered the "Beauty Queen of all Station Wagons".

We hope you enjoyed our short history on the Nomads and the next time you're at a car show you'll appreciate the beauty of one of America's most collectible cars.

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