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For 1956 the Nomads dropped some the unique exterior characteristics that the first year '55 were noted for. The distinctive rear wheel cut-outs, rear fender contour and the eyebrow headlight trim were gone. The '56 Bel Air was produced in an attempt to utilize more standard production materials available on the regular Bel Air models. This was partly because of the poor sales of the '55 model (8,530 units sold) and a measure used to reduce production costs.

There were some features of the 1956 Nomads that were specific to that year.  As shown below the angle of the vertical quarter trim molding was reversed from the 1955 Bel Air models so that it lined up with the angle of the "B" pillar.

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Another feature was the two-tone paint scheme that can be seen in the photo provided below. If you'd like to see the color combinations available, check out the 1956 Chevrolet section.

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The interiors were also brought more in line with the other production models. The seat-insert material was interchangeable with the Bel Air two-door, four-door hardtops and the Beauville wagon. Again this was a cost cutting measure.  An example is provided below.

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The 1956 Nomads again sold less units than GM would have liked (8,103) and with the introduction of the 1957 model year their future was already in doubt.

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