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The newly restyled full sized 1963 Chevrolet shared some of the characteristics of the '62 models. Beneath it new exterior was the 1962 chassis. The rooflines were also a carryover, the exception being the new four door hardtop. There were two distinct horizontal character lines that ran along the side of the Chevy giving it the appearance of length. There was a trim piece that ran along the lower of these two lines. The '63 Chevys sort of looked like mini-Cadillacs, not strange since one of their designers has just come from the Cadillac division.

The engine and transmission options were pretty much the same as '62, except that Chevrolet offered a brand new 230 c.i. six cylinder. Three 409s were offered, two with solid lifters and horsepower of 400 hp and 425 hp and a street version of 340 hp. Although not officially endorsed by Chevrolet, a  430 hp 427 c.i. engine was developed for NASCAR and NHRA racing. The NHRA version was produced in limited numbers (57) at the Flint, Michigan assembly plant and touted as the Z-11-optioned-Impala. The NASCAR version was known as the Mark II 427. Both models died off when GM publicly decided to end its involvement in all racing programs.

There really wasn't a lot of changes and technical advances of Chevrolet in 1964. The most important addition was probably the introduction of the Chevelle. This car was produced to fill a void between the Chevy II and the full sized Chevrolets. Eleven models were offered in three series: a base 300 model, an upgraded model called the Malibu, and a Super Sport model. In addition, after a three year absence, the Chevelle El Camino was brought out.

The new Chevelles were powered by Chevy's available line-up of six-cylinder and V-8 engines. About mid-year Chevy released two optional 327 c.i. engines rated at 250 and 300 hp. Available transmissions were three-speed manual, four-speed manuals, overdrive and Powerglides. The rear axles were similar to those used in Chevy's 10 series trucks. Positraction was also an available option.

Please sit back and enjoy this section. Oh, by the way I personally own a 1964 Impala SS convertible.  Enjoy your visit.

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